Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Frustrations Galore...

I had grand plans of posting fun and inspiring pictures for my second post and yet the only things going through my head are cushions.  Yes, cushions.  One of my biggest flaws (and when I'm lucky, strengths) is that I  find gorgeous, stylish pictures and think, "I could totally do that and save so much money!"

We just moved to an adorable, new town with, in my mind, a major step up from our 650 square foot apartment.  So naturally I start dreaming of decorating and nesting.  When I saw this picture from Mrs. Howard Personal Shopper blog   I thought it would be perfectly chic in our new townhome.

I had a wingback armchair already and found another on Craig's List for $30.00.  I thought to myself "how hard could it be".  I found some pretty, smokey-colored fabric on and actually accomplished the reupholstery part of it all with flying colors!

So who would have thought that I would get completely stumped by that blasted cushion!  A couple of attempts later (I'm not above trying hand-sewing and iron-on adhesive) and all I've got is this:

Put together with these because I got so frustrated:

And utterly hating this:

I called a couple of upholstery places and the cushions ALONE would cost over $100.00...I mean, that completely defeats the purpose of this clever idea of mine.  So, after a couple of punches thrown at the cushion and the sewing machine, I have decided to pen some calligraphy samples, drink some hot tea, go for a jog, and duke it out later.  For now, let's hope the hubs doesn't notice the safety pins holding the fabric on the cushions together.

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